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The Covid-19 pandemic has flipped the world on its head and adjusting our lifestyles has been challenging, to say the least, especially for kids. It has also made clear who we should consider true Heroes — those who sacrifice their own safety for the sake of others. The Pippin Pals are Hero Helpers! story highlights these hard pandemic-related issues, “softened” through rhyme, and encompasses the pandemic experience through a child’s eyes, validating their feelings in a tangible way.

To offer a more personalized experience for the readers, the eight Pippin Pals are Hero Helpers! books are not a series, but diverse and inclusive versions of the same story; you choose the version or versions which align with your or a child’s/student’s preferences for the main characters and their families.

The books aid a child’s understanding as to why things have changed, how to adjust to the “new normal,” and reinforce the ways to comply. Through vivid, visual depictions of how germs spread, and the basic “dos and don’ts” that help protect themselves, people they love, and ultimately — heroic workers — they become Hero Helpers! The books feature those essential workers (be sure to check the end papers!), school from home, being social virtually, and the positive aspects of stay-at-home and “stay safe” living, along with a surprise “rainbow of hope” activity.



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