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Hello, “Pippin Pals” Friend!

As it was—and still is—for many of us, when the COVID-19 virus began ravaging the world, I felt helpless yet still wanted to do something to help. I am not in a position to directly donate money or volunteer in-person time, but the one goal that seemed possible for me was to help children through my writing and illustrating. I’m very happy to have accomplished that, but until now wasn’t able to use my creativity to realize one of my hopes: to fund-raise for a pandemic cause.

First, if you have purchased a copy of Pippin Pals are Hero Helpers!, thank you 😍 I’m ecstatic that you find it beneficial for the children in your life, and by doing so, you have also benefited me. You have helped compensate for my year’s-worth of work (and unexpected financial investment) to create these 8 diverse and inclusive versions in all 4 formats. I am grateful to you!

But whether or not you have purchased a book, what I’m hoping you will be moved to support is a wonderful non-profit organization you may have heard of: CORE. When I first became aware of the amazing work this group does, I was blown away and again wanted to do something. The “something” I thought of was to make available Hero Helper t-shirts. I had hand painted several last year as gifts, a few recipients being my granddaughter, my first reader “fan,” and Abigail the Story Teller, the first to read aloud my book.

You are a Hero Helper by doing all the things that help keep you and others safe, but can also be supportive directly. By purchasing a t-shirt*, you not only display to the world your pride in being a Hero Helper, you help these Heroes in their effort to help those who are being severely impacted by the pandemic.

To get your Hero Helper t-shirt/s of choice, simply click the image below (and don’t be fooled–the images show “youth,” but you can order adult sizes when you get to the order page):

* I selected the lowest price points possible to make it more affordable and help compensate for shipping fees (outside the U.S. the rate is higher), while still benefiting CORE. The lower price makes the minimum requirement for the campaign to “be” is higher though, so I hope you feel moved to contribute! After shirt and printing costs, all proceeds go directly to CORE.